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A brief introduction to ‘John Hardwick’ is a juggler, singer,song writer, exciting interactive story teller,  puppeteer and more.
He is a Creative Christian Communicator whose aim is to present the Christian faith in an exciting and relevant way!

John travels widely and is available for leading; Primary School Tours,  Family Praise Parties/Concerts, Creative Communications Training sessions, RE Days in Primary Schools, All-age celebrations, and Holiday Clubs.

Hi John
Just to say what a great couple of days! To be able to present assemblies to 1600+ children, and teachers, then do the Mall Carols Concert was amazing! Thank you so much for all the time and energy you gave - it was a real privilege for us to have you and the feedback has certainly been very positive. Every one of the local clergy (!) was bubbling at a lunch today. We simply pray that seeds sown will result is transformed lives.....
Once again, with many thanks
All the best
Rev Dr June  (Town Centre Minister, St Margaret's,)

He also works locally leading Primary school assemblies and events for local churches.
He’s written 15 holiday club themes/books, puppet books, hundreds of Christian children’s songs and Bible Verse songs. He has produced, CD’s, DVD’s and MP3 downloads of his songs! His latest venture is the ‘BigBibleVerseChallenge!’ learn 52 key Bible verse all for Free!

Check out the Website for his Resources, plus ‘Watch and listen on-line’ on his Media page, and check out where he is on the Events page.

In 1989 John joined and later led ‘The Saltmine Trust Children’s Team’ for 5 years. He’s still going strong and has had the privilege of working in Bognor, Belfast, Birmingham, Bolton, Bulgaria & Beirut. They even let him loose in Dubai, Uganda, Washington DC. He loves coming home to pie and chips! His home is Histon in Cambridge where he lives with his wife & family, and they are active members of a local church.

John is a member of Counties, GenR8, and BRF’s Barnabas team.

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